Ant, Joe, Chris. from LTR
Designing Imperfection - Book
Designing Imperfection
This book collaboration started in 2005 and lasted three years. Originally initiated between myself and Ant Scott, and intended as an open collaboration we had over 900 submission to the book. In 2007 we approached Joe Gilmore / Chris Murphy and they became collaborators who jointly designed the book. We secured a publishing deal in 2008 with
Mark Batty Publisher New York,
and the book will be distributed worldwide by Thames & Hudson
from May 2009.


Glitch Browser
Glitch Browser -Web Software
This was a collaboration between me, Dimitre Lima and Ant Scott for New Langton Arts. Glitchbrowser, follows the tradition of Napiers historic internet shredder. It corrupts the usual flow of information by Glitching the images on a page. Since its inception it has irrevocably glitched several terabytes of images during transit.


Talk (Halifax) - Digital Arts North.
Slides / Transcript of Talk
This talk accompanied an exhibition of Ant Scotts work and a sneak peak of the Glitch book submissions.


handmade miniature folding book
Book Prototypes
One off miniature book prototypes,
solely using Ant Scotts images.


Neuromirror - Interactive Installation.
Neuromirror was my first work which glitched the participants face based on their Brainwave input. The more alpha waves were produced the more distorted your image became. It used and analysed the live audio feed from the EEG device, the physical build was made possible with the help of Andy Shaw.


Flipbooks from glitched webcam stills posed by Iman
Flip Books - Flexible Printed Card.
I created a series of flipbooks, using webcam stills which I had glitched individually. The result is a mix of analogue interaction and fleeting glitches.



Traditional Album with Celebrity Glitched Photos
Celebrity Glitch - Commercial Photo Prints
I combined my pastime of collecting high resolution celebrity images with glitching to create an album full of variations on manual HEX editing with different file formats.


Skies Installation video projection on semi transparent screens + audio
Sky - AV Installation
Media Centre Huddersfield.
Sky was a short peice of work, still images of skies, with a natural wind sound played in the background. The wind sound was formed by layering audio taken from breaks recorded in a mobile signal recording.







My fascination with the glitch goes back a while, but certainly not as far as some other people.


Academically using the Glitch in the past
earned me a First Class BA (hons) Degree. I've written a book with friends and experimented with programming and paper based media.


This page is a brief timeline of relevant events.
It's a very filtered view.