Supervisory Team

Dr Mathew Adkins (Lead Supervisor)
Joe McCullagh
Derek Hales




Friendly Advisors

Alison Mealey
Dr Ant Scott
Dimitre Lima
Rob Lycett



My PhD is a practice based investigation revolving around finding conceptually rich and creative uses for the relatively esoteric field of Glitch Art. I would like to explore the Glitch's potential as medium and aesthetic in the realm of visual and conceptual art as well as functional design, with the interdisciplinary works I produce being discussed, profiled and contextualised in relation to contemporary and historical artistic practice, technological experimentation and established principles and philosophies of design.

I'm extremely thrilled to be working on this PhD at the School of Music, Humanities and Media @ the University of Huddersfield.


Plan Year 1

Setting up Glitch Lab.
Completing at least one critical project, and developing a minimum of two others quite considerably.